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Please take part in spreading goodness and kindness by giving of yourself. Your donation will help us to help families and children to live happier and better lives, in a better world.  
To make your donation, please use the button below or contact us for other arrangements.

$36,000 - 3,600,000
  Build a permanent center for goodness and kindness.
We are in the process of building a campus in Tokyo, which will be a center for material and spiritual wellbeing for all people.
$18,000 - 1,800,000
Education is prevention.
Help educate people to improve and add in good deeds by constant advertisement in local TV, newspapers, and billboards in major locations all around Asia.  
$7,700 - 770,000
  Save a person save a world.
Prevent a woman from making an abortion. We are in contact with clinics where abortions are done.Some women decide to make an abortion, because of financial difficulties, or lack of emotional support. We help them by giving them professional counseling, material and spiritual support.
$3,600 - 360,000
  Help us to prevent someone from committing suicide.
In Japan, 37,000 people commit suicide annually. We work to reach out to as many people as possible, and give them something meaningful to do, in order that they will lead happier and fruitful lives. Most of these people become part of the Chabad House staff and help us to reach out to people in need.
$1,800 - 180,000
  Soup kitchen.
Your kindness will feed hungry people for 2 days a month. This food can keep homeless people from starving.
$770 - 77,000
  Distribution of 7 Noahide laws.
Your kindness will help us spread the 7 noahide cards. Our aim is to give out these cards to as many people as possible. This will touch many people’s lives for the good.
  Use Paypal t o make your donation online securely:
(Paypal account is not required)
  or send your donation to:
Chabad House of Japan

Tokyo Mitsubishi Ginko
Omori shiten
Account name: Chabad House of Japan
Account number: 1258988
Regular account futsu


A Project of Chabad Tokyo Japan

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